Find us at the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show

Ton Up Highlands Motorcycle Club

The Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show Hosted By Ton Up Highlands

“Y’all come on out and see us at the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show on April 24th at The Southern Appalachian Brewery in Hendersonville, NC. We’ll have a booth and would like to talk shop! Tons of vintage bikes, music and great beer… what could be better?” Jake Hall Rob, Jake, Len & Stuart will be bringing several custom vintage bikes you’ll really want to see. Collectors and rebuilders will want to see HCV’s examples of restored components. See how it is done… honed to perfection; properly finished and restored to better than factory specs. Meltdown Page on Facebook

Custom Work for Custom Minds


No two customers are alike, the same way no two bikes are alike. Doing things right, and the attendant word of mouth, are the only ways we attract business in the collection and restoration field.  A large collector will give HCV something really simple to work on as an audition. When the shop performs well, we are rewarded with something more substantial. Each bike is as individual as its owner, as it should be.

As of today, HCV has attracted three of the country’s larger British motorcycle collectors who travel 1000+ miles each way to pick-up and deliver a rare bike.  Additionally, British motorcyclists have heard about this little shop in Asheville, NC.