“Transportation is only a secondary function. A motorcycle is a joy machine. It’s a machine of wonders, a metal bird, a motorized prosthetic. It’s light and dark and shiny and dirty and warm and cold lapping over each other; it’s a conduit of grace, it’s a catalyst for bonding the gritty and the holy.”         —Author Unknown

Rob Hall, age nine, on his father's BSA, which they still race.The Hall family racing dynasty began with their father, Stuart Hall. As children, the Hall brothers spent many summer weekends at racetracks with their dad.  Far from being a collector whose bikes existed purely as eye candy, Stuart campaigned an old BSA Goldstar with the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA). His sons worked as pit crew and in doing so received even more education in ancient bike engineering.  Race bikes are pushed beyond the breaking point, so the brothers learned quickly how to improvise trackside repairs. When they each turned 18, they were able to race per the AHRMA rules, so two more vintage machines were pulled from Stuart’s collection and converted to racing trim.  This was to become ground zero for their future business venture, though the brothers were too busy to notice. – by Arthur Treff

The HCV Goldies at Savannah in 2015. #588 started life as a 1950 BSA ZB Goldstar factory racer.  It has undergone changes every year to keep it competitive.  It has regular battles with the class winning manx. #758 started as a 1958 BSA  DBD Goldstar Clubman.  A very strong engine allows it to run away from the NEW 2014 Norton Manx.  Both Bikes are running Pearson cranks, with our custom CP pistons, and lots of head work.  The ZB runs a 932 Amal concentric, while the DBD runs a Gardner.


1970 650cc Triumph Bonneville.  Prepped for AHRMA classic 60s 650 racing.