NEW Mobile Dynojet chassis Dyno for HCV Motorsports

After being established and constantly growing for over five years, Halls Custom Vintage Motorsports (HCV Motorsports) has made a giant step into the future. The Hall Brothers have purchased a Mobile Dynojet chassis dyno and ready to tune and test on the road. With this new Dyno, Jake and the whole team will be able to take their services on the road as well as on-location  and mobile appointments. HCV Motorsports will launch their new division at The Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show in downtown Hendersonville, NC on April 30th. They will also be available for mobile appointments during the week and weekends after this launch event.

The Hall brothers will be available for custom tuning and performance engineering during each dyno pull. Every pull will can come with tailored tuning recommendations and unique ideas to make your European Motorcycle perform back to its prime. After winning “Tuner of The Year” in the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA), HCV Motorsports Owners Jake and Rob Hall will be able to restore your motorcycle to the optimal tuning performance setting that your bike needs.

To schedule an appointment in the Asheville, NC area, please call Jake Hall at (828)713-3263 or email at Please refer to our schedule of events (coming soon) that we will be attending with the Mobile Dyno.

Find us at the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show

Ton Up Highlands Motorcycle Club

The Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show Hosted By Ton Up Highlands

“Y’all come on out and see us at the Meltdown Vintage Motorcycle Show on April 24th at The Southern Appalachian Brewery in Hendersonville, NC. We’ll have a booth and would like to talk shop! Tons of vintage bikes, music and great beer… what could be better?” Jake Hall Rob, Jake, Len & Stuart will be bringing several custom vintage bikes you’ll really want to see. Collectors and rebuilders will want to see HCV’s examples of restored components. See how it is done… honed to perfection; properly finished and restored to better than factory specs. Meltdown Page on Facebook